5 Quotes for October 2016

I don’t know how but I started writing quotes couple of years back. I usually share it on my personal Facebook page & I thought it’s a good idea to have it documented on my blog too. So, here goes the first five quote for the month of October.   From now on, I will […]

Best Indian Blog Award 2016: ShoutMeLoud

Awards are good! They motivate us & most importantly, they make us feel great. It’s also a sign that your work is being noticed by people who matter. However, it shouldn’t be the only driving factor for what you do. As Oscar winner Natalie Portman once said: When you start valuing yourself based on other […]

How To Become a Morning Person From A Night Owl

“Good Morning” –  a greeting that is dished out several times during the day. For some people, morning is at 6AM, for somebody else, it’s at 11AM. One of the most famous early risers is Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. Tim Cook wakes up at 4:30 AM. He’s done with almost an entire day’s work by 12PM. […]

How To Stop Complaining in 6 Steps (Break the habit)

The more you complain about your problems, the more problems you will have to complain about.   Zig Ziglar As we were landing into the middle of another year, like everybody else, I did some retrospection and re-evaluated my last year’s journey. I thought about how it’d be the perfect time to start making the changes I wanted to […]