An Inside View of Chokhi Dhani Sonipat – From My Lens

Last week I went to Chauki Dhani with family & enjoyed the place. This place is located 80 Km outside Delhi & you can reach within 2 hours by self-driven car. It’s a family place where you will be enjoying the culture of Rajasthan. The place looks quite authentic & entry fees is about 500/person […]

What I Learned Buying a Flat At the Age of 29

Owning a flat is one of the moment that can make you feel proud, & recently I had one such moment.Being a blogger, I never thought real-estate would be my piece of cake, but I was wrong. I learned a lot in the process of researching and buying my own flat, and this article is […]

What is Entrepreneurship? It’s Not Only About Money

I don’t know the business; I don’t know the startup. What I do know is how to live your passion! When I started my career in 2008, the term “entrepreneurship” was catching on, and in 2012 I found that it had become a commonly used term. I never really knew what entrepreneurship was, but I knew that there was a difference […]

Less Is the New More – One Secret No One Will Tell You

One of my all-time favorite quotes is “Less is the new more“. It’s a favorite not because it sounds cool (though it does!), but because I honestly find this quote to be the key to happiness. One key to staying content in life is to learn the power of letting go. Since childhood I have had the tendency to […]

Revisiting 2013 – A Year of Re-discovering Myself

Today is the 31st of December, and the last day of 2013.  I believe this is the best time for me to look back at 2013 and make a weblog of my most memorable days of the year. Most of my life is documented online, thanks to digital apps like Facebook, Foursquare and Instagram which have […]

How Being Completely Honest for 7 Days Changed My Life

While most of us were taught from a very young age that lying is wrong and that we should always tell the truth, the fact is that most of us have found ourselves in situations where we have used some degree of lying for some reason we thought warranted; this causes us to break this “golden rule”. […]

Script Of My Latest Video Ad Shoot for CitiBank

October 2013 was a super-productive and learning month for me, and I had a great fun learning and trying out new things. Out of all, I did a video ad shoot for Citibank HappierDiwali campaign, and it was first ever shoot for me, and I was very exited about it. When my friend Honey singh […]