I'm a Solopreneur!

I like the idea of freedom, and this is what I found with blogging in 2008. One of my biggest achievements is ShoutMeLoud, which touches the lives of millions every year and helps them become solopreneurs. I've had the privilege of representing the vibrant Indian blogging community on various global platforms, spanning countries like the USA, Slovenia, Pakistan, and many more.

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Sharing Is Caring!


I am a young entrepreneur and a blog scientist from New Delhi, India. I’m involved in the blogging space for more than a decade. I talk about things that work and have spoken at many conferences and webinars in different countries including USA, Italy, Slovenia and more.

Harsh is one of the best marketing guys I know. Very passionate, skilled, and ready to help.

– Romina


What is Vipassana Meditation? (From a Practitioner)

Vipassana is a meditative practice designed to change the habit patterns of the mind at the subconscious level. (read official explanation here) You may ask, 'Why?' It’s because we are

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My Journey to Vipassana Meditation – Spirituality Is Not What You Think It Is!

This journal is all about sharing part of my spiritual journey. It is my filter-free world, and this is dedicated to my family and friends who supported and guided me

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