I'm a blog scientist

I like the idea of freedom, and this is what I found with blogging in 2008. One of my biggest achievements is ShoutMeLoud, which touches the lives of millions every year and helps them in become a solopreneur. I've had the privilege of representing the vibrant Indian blogging community on various global platforms, spanning countries like the USA, Slovenia, Pakistan, and many more.

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I am a young entrepreneur and a blog scientist from New Delhi, India. I’m involved in the blogging space for more than a decade. I talk about things that work and have spoken at many conferences and webinars in different countries including USA, Italy, Slovenia and more.

Harsh is one of the best marketing guys I know. Very passionate, skilled, and ready to help.

– Romina


2023 Plan – What I’m Looking Forward To

Here we are, the last month of 2022, and it is a great time to reflect and plan the time ahead. This is exactly what I do every year, and

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Boracay & El-Nido Trip Dec 2022 – Brighter, Freer, and Picturesque

Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind, and fills your life with stories to tell. The pandemic has changed the world, and for a Globe-trotter like me, it was heartache.

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