SML#20 Mutual funds for beginners (Grow rich)

In this episode, learn :
What are mutual funds
Different type of mutual funds
SIP Vs. Lumpsum
And many more golden nuggets for mutual fund investing.

SML#19 – Goal based Investing for Beginners

Goal based investing is one smart way to plan your personal finance.
In this introductory video, you will learn what is goal based investing
Some inspiration for Goal based investing
Basics of Inflation
And a lot of golden nuggets to start learning about…

SML # 18 – Basics of Personal Finance

Learn the basics of personal finance. This is unstructured episode on personal finance where you will be learning about a lot of basics of personal finance. 

SML # 17 – Personal finance Intro (New Series)

Hey Shouter,
Welcome to the first episode of “Personal finance with Harsh Agrawal”.
In the upcoming episodes you will learn about:
What is personal finance
How to plan your investment
What is mutual fund investment
How investing works

On page SEO, Backlink building & data backed SEO with Kyle Roof – SML #16

Why should you listen to this episode?
Here is what you will learn:
#1 Ranking factor for Google search
What’s the ‘Best’ Word Count for Google?
Heading tags for SEO
Using LSI and TF-IDF for advanced On page SEO.
Creating a content brief to rank higher -…

Broken links SEO fix for Website (4 solutions) – SML #15

Howdy Shouter,
It’s a known fact that broken links are bad for users and for search engine optimization. They are the dead end and something every blogger and website owner should periodically check. 
In this podcast episode, you will learn:
Why Broken l…