My 2nd Skydive @ Miami Skydiving Center from 13,500 Ft.

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This January I visited the U.S.A. for my first international speaking gig. I was speaking at Affiliate Summit West 2017 (Las Vegas) on how to growth hack affiliate sales for bloggers. I will be sharing the slides & other details soon. For now, I wanted to quickly document & share my 2nd skydiving experience with you.

After Vegas, I visited Miami to attend the BTCMiami event & I had few extra days to kill. This was when I decided to go for my 2nd skydive. Since Miami is a popular spot for skydiving, and I didn’t want to miss this opportunity, I enrolled myself for a tandem jump.

I was staying in South Beach & reaching the Miami Skydiving Center took almost an hour via Uber. They had multiple options for tandem jumps & I opted for 13,500 feet. This ensured that I would get maximum freefall time. After all, the best part of skydiving is the freefall…

Here is a video of the jump:

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Here are some images:

Skydiving Miami

Harsh Skydiving

IMG 8614

Well, if you are still planning to do your first skydive jump, take my advice & go for it. It’s a calculated risk & once you are flying, you will realize how free you are. 

Here is the official site of Skydive Miami if you want to do it from the same place. It cost me $249 for the jump & an additional $129 for the video & photos. I would suggest to get their HD Ultimate Web Video that costs only $109. 

Best of luck with your jump & do come back and share your experience with me. If you have already jumped before, do let me know your experience in the comments section below. 

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