My 25th Birthday WishList

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Last year, when I was celebrating my birthday (22nd June), I had couple of Birthday wishlist that includes my car, LCD TV, macbook and a PS3. Though later on I dropped the plan for PS3 and iPad but I have completed my first two wishlist.

In a month I’m turning into 25 and that means I lived a quarter of my life. Though I’m sure if mercy death will become legal in India, I might retire my body in my early 60’s. I don’t wanna die with all my teeth gone and bald head. 🙂 Anyways, I have been thinking what all are going to be in my wishlist for this year and for now, I can think of couple of things:

Birthday WishList

This year top Birthday Wishlist


Yah that’s the first thing in my mind. I want to set up a proper office. Now with proper office, I don’t mean it’s going to be like one conventional 9 A.M to 7 P.M office. I’m a web 2.0 guy where clocks and money rotates 24*7. There is no boundaries or limit, so I don’t want to put one for me or for others. More over people who work in my team are mostly writers and designers. If you bound such creative people, you are killing creativity. I want an office which should be a home away from home. I won’t mind converting a garage into office, where every one can work from same place, can work any time and there is no limit, boundaries. I want to start with a home-office where minimum 10 people should be working and then shifting to a bog office which should be like a web2.0 office.  If you have seen movie “The social network”, you might realize what kind of office I’m referring to. Have you ever thought of an office, where you work on a payroll but live like a boss, no hierarchy and you can work with your shorts on and holding a beer can. Well, I’m referring to an office which will be a home away from home for my team.

India Road trip:

I always dreamed of travelling India by road and all alone. Being a blogger, I have the benefit of working from anywhere. I have planned for a long India trip (North India- South India) on my car. Idea is to start from Delhi and go to southern part of India and check out all the places in between. This is going to be a long 20-25 days trip and it’s going to happen before  I will turn 26. I want to make it “A trip to remember”. I will be covering Rajasthan, Gujrat, Maharashtra and south India. Since there is not going to be any time-constraint, I will be staying at all the heritage places in India and will be clicking as much as I can. I have already done a road trip from Pune–> Delhi (1600KM) last year and now its time for knowing my country better.


It’s a shame for me that I’m joining the league of all youngsters who eats junk food and never seen the door of a Gym. Its been 5 years that I have stopped going to Gym and now It’s time to start Gyming and swimming again.  I have been planning to join one from last 2 years, but my stupid time-table never let me do it. If time will still be a factor for me in future, I might end up building a Gym at my place. 😉

Buying a Flat:

There is one thing which I’m proud of myself is, after my college I never took monetary help from my family. My grandfather is my ideal as he is a self-made man who started with nothing and now he is one of the most respected person in my town. Probably I can’t achieve the same like he did, but none the less I want to achieve things which I can be proud of. So one of them is building my own house or buying one of my own. Though I’m not sure, if I will be able to fulfill this dream before I turn 26th, but this is something which I’m aiming for. If not, I will be surely combining my wishlist 1 and this one to achieve both of them at the same time.

More knowledge:

A wise man said ” No matter what your age is, book and newspaper should be your best friend forever“. The point is, books and newspaper keep your knowledge bank updated and your vision will be more broader. In last 2 years, all I read was about technology, Blogging and entrepreneurship. I had 2 novel with me that includes  one from OSHO which I wanted to read because of his certain theory and one was a science-fiction novel. But in last two-year, I could not complete those two novels and now they are rotating from one friend to another. I don’t know how I’m going to find out time for this, but I want to get back to my reading habits again. I will be making a list of 5 novels which I should or every human being should be reading and will be finishing them before I will turn one more year older.

Quit smoking:

I have been a smoker since my college days. Needless to say, how people starts smoking in college days to be cool and how they become addicted to this. I have already made two failed attempt to quit smoking but this time, I’m sure I’m going to breakup with my love for smoke. It’s going to be one hell of a fight with myself to quit smoking, but after 2 failed attempt I know which path I have to take.  Though the process of quitting smoking is going to be painful, but it’s worth the pain.

Being a human, there is no limit to my wishlish and desire and I’m sure with time, this wishlit swill keep growing but creating a list of some major stuff and achieving them in time, will create more room for more Birthday wishlist. what’s your wishlist for this year?

22 comments on “My 25th Birthday WishList

  1. Cool List. I would like to invite to A’bad while you do your Road Trip. I even like your IDEA for office. I am also thinking to have same kind of office. Good Luck mate.

  2. btw would love to join for india trip man 😉 now i am in mumbai will be going back 2 south to complete my one more yr of mBA 😉

  3. Hey Harsh,
    The road trip is something that you are going to cherish forever in you life.
    For any help in Kerala and TN, i would be glad to assist.
    All the Best.

  4. Great.. awesome idea of creating a birthday wishlist 🙂 and I need not to say, +100 for your last wish.. I would love to see it happen !!

    All d bestiee 🙂

  5. Hey Harsh,

    If you happen to visit Calicut in Kerala, please let me know. I am basically from Calicut but working at Bangalore now.

    Please email me when you visit Calicut/Bangalore, may be we can catch up for coffee or more 🙂



  6. Hai harsh
    I have been reading lots of your posts at shoutmeloud.Its been very useful in starting my own blog.
    Good luck for your future. 🙂

  7. I am your Fan . Really amazing ….. i want to meet you… have you any plan of road trip in Madhya Pradesh . . there are many cool places….i ll become your guide … 😉

  8. Harsh you can quit smoking, as me and most of my friends had stopped smoking from 15 August 2010. I haven’t smoke for last 1 year. Definitely you can quit smoking.

  9. Hello harsh…nice list of wishes….Last one is best…Please try to quit smoking….It is not good habit….please try to quit it as soon as possible….I am a big fan of yours….so I hope you will try your best to quit it.

  10. I have seen one of my family member sinking due to smoking addiction. So make your last wish as your priority. Good luck mentor.. 🙂

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