What To Do When Your World is Falling Apart

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One fine morning you woke up and you realise that your world is falling apart, everything around is a mess and you can’t even shout for help. There is no one to to rescue you and you are of your own. I’m sure once in a while you have been into this situation and this is nothing new, everyone faces this kind of problem once in a while. The question is how to get yourself out of this mess, how to fix it and how to get back to your normal self.

World is falling apart

Everyone hate problems, I also do, but problems are part of life. You might be doing everything right, but it will eventually come to you without knocking your door. It could be work related issues, health related problem, relationship issues, family problems or could be worse. Here are some of the workable solutions which will help you get out of it.

I’m my own Boss and I will fix things myself:

When you are in a situation where you feel the world is falling apart, feeling alone, self-esteem has gone for a toss and find it hard to tackle your own issues. You look out for support, expect people to understand your problems but believe it, it doesn’t work that ways. No one can help you, if you are not helping yourself.

How many times you have helped your friend when they are in need? Once, twice or may be couple of more times, but were you around all the time?

Will you be around a person, who is constantly getting into problems or depression and putting you into same situation. A smart answer would be ‘No’. So, simply take responsibility of your action, all the problems which you are facing is because  of your decisions you have taken in the past, and now you have to be your own boss to fix all the issues.

Take a  deep breath:

Seriously, sit calmly and take a deep breath. Do it for 1-2 minute and compose yourself. Let the worries go away, because when you are worried your efficiency decreases. You can’t think straight or worse, your decision-making is influenced by your worries. If you know meditation, do it for 5-10 minutes and relax yourself.

Make a List of Problems:

So, now lets work on making the list which is creating issues in your life. Be it anything, instead of thinking about the solution now, start by making the list. So, here goes my one example list:

  • Projects pending
  • Visit Doctor
  • Pay house Bills
  • Take care of your falling relation
  • Meeting 2 important clients
  • Reply to important unreplied Emails
  • Make Payment

Make a Plan:

Now you have a list of problems which is letting your world fall apart. Some of these problems are workable and some of them are not. Now, you can always inter-relate 2-3 problems together and have a solution to fix them at one go. For example, if I complete pending projects, I will get paid instantly and I can make all due payments and afford doctor bills.

But here, you also need to set priority and work accordingly. If you know, going to doctor is more critical than anything else, do that. Drop an Email to all clients about the delay and give them your genuine reason. In most of the cases, they will understand and you can get few of your worries out of head.

Talk to a friend:

Talk to a friend who is not connected to your problems in any ways, talk about everything else apart from your worries. This will clear your mind and you can think straight. You will realize what you have been missing and you will get the motivation to compose yourself back.

Work on Pending work before you start new:

If you are like me who likes to learn something new and leaving pending things aside, you will find yourself into more issues. Instead of starting something new, finish what is unfinished. If you just got a kick ass idea, note it down and execute it later, when you can not only start but take it to finishing point.

Solution which can’t be solved:

There will be many problems, which may have no immediate solution. For example, you trying to quit smoking and drinking but you can’t do it instantly. It takes time and you need to give it time. Find a support group on your area, and see how others are coping up with it. Read about how other people are handling this issues.

Always remember, you are not alone with the problems. There are more people, who are in worse than your situation. It’s easier to blame others about your problem, but by the end it’s you who have to take a step to find a solution. Instead of leaving a worried life, take actions now and live a life you always wanted to live.

Failure is never bad, it’s a sign that you tried. What’s bad is giving up before trying hard enough. 

For me, these solutions works and I often end up writing my problems, which gives me better judgement and a chance to understand my problems in better way. So, go ahead and claim your life back. 🙂

3 comments on “What To Do When Your World is Falling Apart

  1. very very thanks for sharing this article you know what at this time i was very tensed about my personal reason that’s i start face book for time pass and there i got this link that helps me a lot.

    kapil heera

  2. When I have problems, I like to solve them as soon as possible. But the people around me do not think the same way.
    My friends sometimes abuse my goodwill. I learned to say no.
    As for mistakes, I learn a lot from my mistakes. But, my greatest virtue is persistence. I’m almost unknown in my online life. My friends do not understand.
    My family, husband, and son tolerate it.
    More due to a chronic health problem.
    But learning WordPress was a nightmare but at the moment a rewarding nightmare.
    Music and reading help me out in the worst of times.
    Each of us gets solutions that work and help us at less good times.

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