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In last 9 years I had one of the most thrilling life. In 2002, I moved away from my family and started staying in the hostel. That was my first official stay in hosted and first time I lived away from home. Probably the best decision I have ever taken. Living alone (Away from family), turns you into an individual and you have to fight for yourself to create your own identity.

Today when I look at things which I have achieved, I feel good but at the same time question comes into my mind “What’s next?” . I have already lots of things planned up and working on them which includes having my own office which is going to be one of its kind in India, my own house, taking my websites to next dimension. Though more or less, all the mentioned stuff are materialistic and no matter how much I achieve, the hunt for more will not end.

whats next

I have been thinking about how my whole career shaped after I completed my engineering. I started with zero and right now I run a business which employees more than 8 people. But when it comes to peace of mind, I was more happy when I had nothing to lose. When I could do anything which I wanted to. but in recent time, life has become more of a system. Seems like we are becoming a part of system where emotions, happiness are just an essence of life and we are becoming Slave of so-called Karma.

We keep doing things without knowing when and where we have to stop. Have you ever thought where and when do you have to stop? What is power of less and what’s the joy of living a happy life when you are living with limited resources.

For now, I have no answer to my own question but I will be finding an answer to my own questions soon. Have you ever thought when you going to stop thinking  about “Whats next” ??

2 comments on “What’s Next?

  1. I don’t own a website or a blog and I am not posting here as to get a do follow link but I thought I should wright.

    I am Aakash from Delhi. I have been a regular reader of ShoutMeLoud but I never commented over there but I have mailed you once or twice on denharsh as I had also planned to start a blog……..You are a nice guy somewhere, earlier I had different views when I dint got any reply despite sending 3 mails………I actually felt that thing (same story), you work very hard to become Rich to get married to your girlfriend and in the end she gets married to some Rich a** h*** , Life is so easy for women and that burnt of losing your Love still exists in Men. I might sound crazy dear Harsh but you should wright a novel or a book (perhaps a Love Story) and it would be a greater hit than Durjoy Datta. I feel you are a better writer than a blogger. Always follow your heart. Travel, meet new people, Live Life……….Explore yourself……….who knows there is something much bigger than this Blogging stuff for you ?? Keep writing here.

    May God Bless you. The jealous guys would tell a lot of crap about you but somewhere I feel you deserved this success. They always say, “Behind every Great man, there is Great Pain.” And I guess you have been through that. Have a nice Life Harsh. Take care.


  2. Hi
    Harsh , Nice to see you , Remember you were in same IT class , hahah I found you so very “irritating” and I felt that you have improved as a person, and life teaches something everyday, all the best 1for your life , and i hope every 1 gets their piece of happiness and saisfaction.

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