5 Mind Enhancement Tips to Become A Better Soul & A Human Being

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I’m Harsh Agrawal

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I’m a Professional Blogger and in a couple of months, I’m going to complete my three years of professional blogging journey. Though we all know Blogging is a self-employed job that comes with its own up’s and down. I have lived a very easy life in last three years and enjoyed the freedom of working from home and work at any time of the day.

Though when I think about these three years I’m certainly not very proud of my achievements, as I could have achieved many more things in this time. One thing, which I have learned from my experience is; it’s important to be a better person first than anything else.  Your personal life-style will have a huge impact on your future.

Mind Enhancement

From last one month I have been working a lot to enhance my mind, body and soul and I could see the difference in terms of positive energy inside and around me. The reason I chose this off-topic here at ShoutMeLoud is based on my personal experience and I know a lots of readers here are on the way of becoming a professional blogger or an Entrepreneur. Here I’m going to share some tips that I have been following and probably you should too to enhance your life and hence your career.

Personal mind enhancement tips & ideas:

Yoga and meditation:

This is the first step that I would suggest to every human around the world. In my words, Yoga is an art of living which connects your soul, body and mind altogether. It’s a practice that every human being should perform every day. The best way to start is read more about Yoga on Wiki so that you will get the clear idea on what is it and how it works and most important how it’s going to enhance your body.

Here is a small tip which you can do every morning: I remember Yoga, from my school days when we were asked to close our eyes and think of a ground full of grass, plants, and butterflies. Concentrate on the Sun, move close to it and feel the warmth of  the Sun. By performing this task for 5-10, minutes, you can easily get better concentration, focus and peace of mind.

If you live in a locality where you can easily avail Yoga classes, it’s worth a try. Though one on one Yoga interaction is always better and if you can get a private Yoga tutor, you will realize the power of Yoga faster. I also suggest you to check out Eye care tips, where you will find Yoga videos to improve your visions.

Here is a video that you can watch to get started with Yoga:

Positive energy and people around you:

One of the most important Entrepreneurship tip that I have read somewhere is the power of positive energy. Yoga is a way to enhance us but achieving positive energy is in your hands. How many times when you meet someone, you feel happiness, joy, and you see everything around you with a positive outlook. How many times when you meet a person, you feel depressed, lost and most important you feel negativity. This is what positive and negative energy is. The first thing that you can do is to clean your environment and place where you live, be it your room, house or your workplace. A cleaner space gives you more energy and less distraction. Another important aspect is to move away from negative people around you or people who fill you with negativity with their thoughts and words.

Alcohol and drugs:

I’m never against social drinking, but we all know working from home is one thing that gives you ample reasons to drink regularly. In my mid-career of Blogging, I used to drink regularly. This had a bad impact on my mental state and more over on my body. I have left my drinking habit long time back, and this is one of the best things that I did in last one year. I have fewer worries, fewer chances of committing a mistake under the influence of alcohol and as mentioned above, more positive energy floating around me.

Another fact, any adult who drinks or smoke is by choice and not because of circumstances and reasons. If you are a regular drinker and you believe it’s because of work pressure or because you have lots of worries in your life, you are mistaken. You are doing it because your will power is low and as an average human you can’t get rid of your addiction. If you are one who is addicted to Alcohol and drugs, it’s time for you to start doing Yoga and if possible join a rehab. Leaving this addiction might take some time but where there is a will, there is a way.

Follow a schedule:

To be honest, I enjoy working in the night, and if you are connected to me on Facebook or Google+, you might notice my updates usually comes at night. Though from last couple of week, I’m trying to follow a schedule that is required by my body. “Early to bed and Early to Rise.” Believe it or not, I have seen a great impact on my body and mind by following above statement. By getting up early, I can start with Yoga, meditation and most important my creativity is at it’s best. Since I try to sleep by 11-11.30, I also get rid of my drinking habit as I have to wake up early tomorrow. More over this also made me eat five times a day that is great for my physical growth.

Now or never:

If you are one of those who ends up every day with tons of pending work, you might not be able to accomplish your task within given time, ever. Or you might finish some, but you will end up skipping many. I get hundreds of Email every day, and I started following “Now or never” and this has given my power to finish all the tasks that belong to me. Moreover, you will be bound to follow a systematic routine since you have to follow a schedule and accomplish the task. At times, you can schedule your task for later, but yes, start following to-do list and calendar to make sure you never miss out anything important.

If you have read all the five  tips to enhance mind & soul, you will realize that each and every one of them is connected to each other and it’s important for you to inter-connect with all of them. To be a successful blogger or excel in your professional field, it’s important to be a better human first.

If you have some other Mind Enhancement tips which helped you to enhance your life, I would love to know your secret.

30 comments on “5 Mind Enhancement Tips to Become A Better Soul & A Human Being

  1. I have never planned a schedule for blogging but yeah , as I am a student , I have a study plan and whenever I get free time , I get into blogging . BTW , nice post Harsh !

    1. Priyangshu
      I remember that I gave a tip to guys @chaaps.com and told them to take blogging seriously along with studies. Not sure, how much he is earning but yes, even in final year of college this guy is earning good amount and probably he might not join any full time job when he is done with his B.tech.
      Take away from this: Like you have schedule for everything, make a 1-2 hr of schedule for blogging every day. This will help you in long run . 🙂

  2. Good changes to incorporate Harsh!

    I think anything that makes you a happier person within, and you feel like you are really living in the real sense, is worth going in for! I myself have started making a few changes in my lifestyle, like incorporated Transcendental Meditation, started my morning walks, started closing up the Internet at a specific time and starting to work at a specific time. All these things were due long back, though somehow we keep postponing them.

    Thanks for the reminders once again 🙂

    1. Harry, these tips will help you to extract a better person out of you and hence a Better blogger. Hope you follow the same.

  3. We are a person before blogger and I like following Swami Vivekananda Quote:

    “Be strong, my young friends; that is my advice to you. You will be nearer to Heaven through football than through study of Gita. “

    1. That’s a nice quote Brij. I may be wrong, but I guess take away from this quote is “Performing action is better than reading and planning”.

  4. Its paradoxical to say yoga and alcohol/drugs in the same post. I totally agree with you over yoga thing for full time bloggers. A daily routine exercise or light yoga is absolutely necessary to pacify mind and soul.

    However, Alcohol is okay for sheer pleasure for life.

  5. Harsh, nice to read your experience and habits.
    Sometimes working full time at home also can be irritating.

    You could have added God or any religious activities also here. It will definitely improve the mind as a blogger and person.
    I’m sure you have achieved well in last three years and you must be proud of it.

    Good luck in future.

  6. Very True Tips ,
    Spending time with family is very important ,than any other work 🙂 this IMP point also noted

    1. Thanks Zack for that awesome video and I just finished watching it and shared it on my social networking profile. For others. here is quick tip from that video:
      01. MAKE LISTS
      06. TAKE BREAKS
      08. DRINK COFFEE
      10. BE OPEN
      12. GET FEEDBACK
      14. DON’T GIVE UP
      20. TAKE RISKS
      22. DON’T FORCE IT
      28. HAVE FUN

    2. Really helpful Video. Being creative => Being Interesting and that’s what makes a blog a better place to associate with. Thanks for this awesome video.

      – Rakesh

  7. Great ,Cleaning your environment is the best ,In offline world ,hardly guys know(India) ,what is blogging?? when you say them ,they stare at you like that ,you doing crime,These guys demotivates you ,Questions like what heck is that ,So better to stay away from them and respond nothing or just ignore them..Yoga is great ..But I still like working at night 🙂

  8. In fact, yoga should be most important to connect your mind, soul together on here. And, it will be boost up for all the people in the wide. And, it will be too good for health.

  9. Thanks for sharing your experience !
    Really making me to do these things.
    Whenever I work on my blogs I get distracted with Facebook and many of the postings will be skipped.

  10. Thanks for the great tips Harsh, I will try and follow the above steps :D, I currently devote 3-4 hours to blogging as I’m currently doing my B.Sc IT and GNIIT course’s parallel along with Blogging. 😉

  11. good post bro, I also have the habits of being too concentrated on the computer and need some time off. I work out everyday before sleeping and it helps, being balanced always helps

  12. More then going through some specific exercise or workout, meditation can be achieved in many ways and its different from person to person

  13. I also practice meditation and try to have a positive mindset. I am in constant search for my personal development and be a better person at all levels (sorry my english people, I`m Brasilian).

  14. Hi Harsh!

    Yes, I also do believe that Happy body is Happy mind! I do not force myself to work hard but try to do the best in my heart. It does not make sense to pretend working so hard instead of really working hard!

    Anyway, thanks for the great post!

  15. Great post!!! It is a need in our daily lives these days to work out physically. Instead of giving whole time to work in-front of the screen, Yoga, Meditation, Eye Exercise, Travelling has become a needful thing at present.

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