What is Vipassana Meditation? (From a Practitioner)

Vipassana is a meditative practice designed to change the habit patterns of the mind at the subconscious level. (read official explanation here) You may ask, ‘Why?’ It’s because we are in a constant process of liking or disliking everything on a conscious and subconscious level. Every time we like something, we crave it, and every […]

5 Quotes for October 2016

I don’t know how but I started writing quotes couple of years back. I usually share it on my personal Facebook page & I thought it’s a good idea to have it documented on my blog too. So, here goes the first five quote for the month of October.   From now on, I will […]

What is Entrepreneurship? It’s Not Only About Money

I don’t know the business; I don’t know the startup. What I do know is how to live your passion! When I started my career in 2008, the term “entrepreneurship” was catching on, and in 2012 I found that it had become a commonly used term. I never really knew what entrepreneurship was, but I knew that there was a difference […]