Time is Changing and So Am I

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I’m Harsh Agrawal

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Changes are good in life.  Remaining static is never our goal. Time never stands still, and neither do we.

I am changing with time. Things which used to be top priorities for me are not even on my list anymore, and there are many new things added to my list of priorities.

The ways in which I used to see and perceive things are also changing – or perhaps I should say evolving.

I’m going to be 27 this year, and it is likely that within the next two years, my life will take the next big leap. When I think of my immediate goals, I focus on moving out of my comfort zone and facing true challenges. I have been living within my comfort zone for nearly two years now, and the kind of life I live is a dream life for many. The hard part is breaking the comfortable web which I have created around me, and taking on new challenges.

The challenge to start a company for me is an effort to please society or to show others what I can achieve.  This challenge is one I take on to please my inner self – and to prove to myself that “impossible” simply means “I-M-Possible”!

A few things I’ve learned in my first 26 years:

life lessonsLife teaches us lessons at every stage, and with time we develop a better understanding of what is right and what is wrong.

I never waste my time worrying about whether something I did was right or wrong.  If I’ve done something I discover to be wrong, I focus on undoing that “wrong” and turning it into ‘right’.

As I close out my 26th year and look toward my 27th birthday, here are a few things which I would like to read about myself ten years down the line:

Make your time count:

Time is money, and time is everything else as well. Live every moment you’ve got.  Sit down and think about the kinds of things you like to do when you are not working.

Here is a list of things that I like to do when I’m “alone with myself”:

  • Read something (usually a novel or a magazine like Entrepreneur). Anything which motivates me.
  • Go for a drive. I like putting my music on and going for a long drive. I have yet to master the art of traveling outside the city alone, but for now I enjoy traveling inside the city.
  • Photograph: I occasionally pick up my old Nikon D5000 DSLR and go to random places. I take random pictures, and try to capture those moments.
  • Talk, talk, talk: Though I’m an introvert to an extent, I can talk endlessly about topics that interest me. When I just want to take a break, I call my friends and talk to them for a long time. Our conversations can be about anything and everything.
  • I plan: I’m a strong believer in the notion that “your dreams will be your reality“. I make plans for my next holiday destination.  I make a budget and document it, and I make a list of places I will be seeing. TripAdvisor and many travel blogs are helpful to me in making my travel plans.

Remember, it’s easy to live a life that you have been told how to live. The real pleasure of life is when you see things emerge which you never imagined or visualized could be real.

Invest wisely:

I used to be an impulse buyer. I had this habit of buying anything I liked without waiting. At times I bought lots of stuff I didn’t even need or things I would never use. Not only did this habit make a hole in my pocket, it created a life full of “stuff” around me.

Lately I have started making a list of things I need, instead of making decisions while I am out shopping. This has not only helped me to bring home only things I really need, but it has also helped me to save money.  After all, a penny saved is a penny earned.

Lately, I started investing in mutual funds via SIP. I started back in 2014 and it turned out to be the best decision of my life. I realized it is so much better than fixed deposits. In last few hours, I have transitioned my investment using Goal based planning. More on this, in upcoming articles.

Let go of things:

In my life I have seen many “ups and downs”.  People have been kind to me, and people have let me down. I have done good in the world, and I have let people down.  I have achieved goals, and I have failed.  But one thing that has always remained consistent within the “up” times and the “down” times is…time.  Time has never once stopped – life has always moved on.

Ups and downs are part of life, and this is true at every stage. When we don’t have much money, problems can arise.  Yet even the richest person on the earth has problems.

Worry does not discriminate – we all have worries.  The poorest person is worried about having enough money to survive.  The wealthiest person is worried about making more money or about the safety of his money. No matter who you are, you have reason for worry.

A great target in life is to learn to let go of worries. If you have a problem in your life, start taking action to overcome the problem and then move on.

But remember –  the moment you resolve one worry, another will be ready to knock on your door. So, instead of letting yourself worry incessantly, turn your mind instead to figuring out how to make your life a happy life.

At times in life we are also faced with letting go of people. There are some people whom it is best to carry in your memories rather than in your current life.

Initially this is very difficult, especially in those first days when you have to accept the fact that the person is gone from your life.  But once you have moved past this stage, the letting go will free you – and will free the part of you that was consumed by this person, leaving more of you for those who are more deserving of your time and your heart.

Similarly, let go of stuff.

Let go of things in your house that you no longer need.

Let go of things that no longer serve you in your current life…

things that you bought years ago and things you no longer use.  Make good use of these things by offering them to someone who may need them. Take out the clothes you no longer wear, and give them to someone less fortunate.

Check your electronic goods, and if there is something you no longer use, send it out for recycling so that someone else might benefit.

Once you learn the art of letting go, you will be freer, happier and less worried.

Fight your fears:

I am an introvert, and when I have to try new things I hesitate to an extent. I have been working on this, and I have found myself fighting my own fear of change. But I have also found that I am pushing myself to do things which I thought were impossible. I’m also making myself accountable for things which I’m responsible for, instead of looking for external motivation.

Everything you have learned is not true:

Honestly, there is nothing called “Life’s Little Book”. That which is right for me might not be right for you. We are all different.

I’m from a small town, and living in the capital city of India all by myself for the past eight years I have learned things the hard way, through experience. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, and neither did I have a mentor to tell me all that is right and wrong in life. I did, however, learn a few things which have helped to shape my life:

  • Respect everyone around you.
  • Don’t discriminate against people based on anything.
  • Choose the people with whom you associate wisely, because the people around you will help to shape your future. (Law of Attraction)
  • Help others, but first help yourself.
  • Listen to your inner self. Spend time meditating.
  • Be cautious with people who are too friendly from day one.
  • If your friend changes in front of others, you are hanging out with the wrong people.
  • Live for the present, but don’t ignore the future.
  • Nothing in life is going to be consistent – everything changes.  So be ready for the change.
  • Never bad-mouth anyone behind his back.  If you have something to say, say it to his face.
  • Stay away from people who say bad things about others to you, because they are likely to be speaking ill of you to others.
  • Live a day without complaining about anything in your life, and you will find yourself happy by the end of that day.
  • Have a goal in your life. Without goals, your life is like sailing aimlessly on an endless sea.
  • Always be happy and smile, because joy contagious. Try giving a smile to a random person or to a friend, and see how quickly it is reciprocated.
  • Don’t watch the same movies or listen to the same songs all the time. There are many new movies and songs which are yet to be discovered. If you have no idea where to start, watch all the cult movies. Pick a genre, and use Soundcloud or a similar service to listen to new songs in a genre you like.
  • Health is the most important thing – never ignore it.
  • We love, we hate, we fight – but no matter what, your family is will be with you when even your shadow will leave you alone.
  • Earn money to live your life – don’t live your life to earn money.
  • Never celebrate your victory too early.
  • Always speak the truth with kindness. Few people will agree, but those are the people you should have in your life.

Last but not least, don’t be too serious about everything. Be serious when you are working – otherwise think and learn and love and be with joy.

“Life is what you make of it.”

9 comments on “Time is Changing and So Am I

  1. Some great advises here for people who are in the beginning phase of their career. Good luck with the start up.

  2. Very inspirational morals.. much of life gives lots of surprises. Sometimes I don’t know how to react to circumstances. letting people go from my life was never easy, it leaves me with a shock that I take months and years to recover. But I think its better to learn the habit of letting people go. Like you said. sometimes its better to have people in memories than in our real life. I’m right now in such a shock while reading this. Reading your article gave me an inner strength.

    Wishing you with all my heart for your startup

  3. Hii Harsh,

    I read your personal blog many times before and I am really impressed by the way you present your thoughts without involving any kind of filters in the emotions.

    For the above thoughts, I have one clean word to say “TRUE THAT”

    Good Luck Harsh, Hope you will fulfil your dreams soon 🙂

  4. “Once you learn the art of letting go, you will be more happy and less worried.” I don’t know how I came to this site, but Harsh the above line said by you just made my day 🙂

  5. i felt that your tech blogging skills are outstanding but this post reallyproved me wrong.i am not much old as you in age or in experience but from the experience that i have acquired i can’t disagree even a single thing that you had written.i saw myself in the above article.Harsh sir you are realy a great blogger.i have to learn much from.hope you will be nice to stranger also.thank you for this valuable post.

  6. hello harsh! during my mba i hve read so many artiles n blogs but this is first time i hve find somethg realy intersed based on real life…dat hw to live a life..
    i belive after readg ur article and working on it one can feal the sence of purity in themselve.
    i think dis is the only way to live ur liife to be mre focus and overpowering ur weakness n worries…. in life
    ur artilce was very inspirational it realy boost me alot…
    i wish i can apply 10/ of it in my life….

  7. I was working as on night shift then I got a mail about you recent post that I have been reading, I was really worried about the project m handling and trying things out for the best. But now m chilling 😀 yeah m motivated and will do the project too.

    Thanks Harsh Bhai, Even I am soon going to be 27 but from heart “Aaj bhi mai bachcha hi hoon” Keep writing and motivating us…Jai ho Gurudev…Harsh Baba

    Bus AsaRam na ban jana 😀 😛
    #Respect Bro! ~

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