5 Quotes for October 2016

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I don’t know how but I started writing quotes couple of years back. I usually share it on my personal Facebook page & I thought it’s a good idea to have it documented on my blog too. So, here goes the first five quote for the month of October.  

From now on, I will share 5 of my original quotes every month.

Quote #1 on Life

For a glorious future:

Leave your past behind!

Future-past quote

Quote #2 on Life

  Eventually, You are answerable to yourself for your deeds.

Be good & do good!

Life Quote

Quote #3 on Success

Once you learn to celebrate your failures, you are on the way to becoming a real deal.

Success-failure Quote

Quote #4 on Work-life balance

Your work life is no different from your Personal life.

They should exist together in Equilibrium.

Work life quote

Quote #5 on Minimalistic life

Being a minimalist is the only way to enjoy everything in life!

Minimalistic life Quote

For me all of them are favorite as each of the above quote is connected with a specific chapter of my life. However, I would love to know which quote you enjoyed the most? 

6 comments on “5 Quotes for October 2016

  1. “Eventually yo are answerable to yourself for all your deeds.

    Be Good & Do Good”

    I wish people realise what you have said. Each action that we take has an equal & opposite reaction, good or bad depending on our deeds. And we have to confront this during our life time.

  2. Our deeds are going to return back to us one day.

    So do more good things, help poor people , get more blessings from good people, you will start seeing a big change in your life. 😇

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