Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Charusat University: Cognizance

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Last night I was attending the Best Indian Blog awards & this morning I was flying to Gujarat.

Charusat (Charotar University of Science and Technology) is a well-known name in Gujarat. Cognizance was the name of their annual function & they invited me to deliver a session on Entrepreneurship & Innovation.


Whenever I get such an invitation, these are the first few questions I ask myself:

  • Is this worth it?
  • Am I going to justify the time attendees will spend on me?
  • What topic should I talk about?

Most of the time I try to construct my session in a way that helps attendees immediately or can benefit them in the coming days. Nonetheless, I like to make them think. I believe that thinking is the only thing that differentiates us humans from all other species. 

This time, I shared about those moments during my 8-year career which helped me make ShoutMeLoud an award-winning blog. I also shared some tips & advice on discovering your passion even if you have not found one yet.  

I shared about my successes, my failures & what I was learning from all of it.


I will upload the slides on Slideshare later. For now, I’m quickly mentioning the points to give you context.

  1. When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade.
  2. Ready to reboot anytime.
  3. Manage money like a boss.
  4. Think out of the box.
  5. Become Limitless.

Here are some of the pictures from the day @Gujarat at Charusat University. 


These are the students who came to pick me up from the airport. (They were also part of ShoutMeet 2015.)




And how could we miss this hand-made ‘Mummy’ by the students of Charusat?


I remember one student told me that Anand Bhate gave him a copy of his signed book “C + Plus Doctor Thepla” for me.  I waited for the book, but I missed getting my hands on it.

Anand if you are reading it, don’t forget to send me your self-signed book. 🙂

Here are the slides of my session:

And with this, another good day came to an end! 

3 comments on “Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Charusat University: Cognizance

  1. I study at Charusat University and after your speech there about how you got injured and started a blog. I also started my blog initial with WordPress.com domain and now I have a blog called socialmediadominates.com

    And I thing your speech has little to do with it if not more. Thank you for inspiration.

    P.S: I am almost everyday reader of shoutmeloud.com and am learning many things.

    Again, Thanks;

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