5 Quotes from My Personal Diary: November 2016

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I’m Harsh Agrawal

Blog Scientist & a passionate blogger. Love minimalist life & talk about things that matter. Adventure from heart & doer by action.

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Last month I announced a new series in which I will be sharing 5 new quotes every month. Here we go with the 5 for this month. You can see last month quotes here.

Quote#1 on life

Success Quote by Harsh

Quote #2 on life

Life quote

Quote #3 on Spirituality

No future is different from the present. The future is only manifested from what we are experiencing now!

future quote

Quote #4 on Happiness

Present-future quote

Quote #5 on Serving for greater good.

Tree quote

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One comment on “5 Quotes from My Personal Diary: November 2016

  1. I love how all of these quotes are tied together. Everyone called me crazy that I quit school to build a business. I’ve learned most people only doubt you because they know that they couldn’t accomplish what you’re trying to do. Nice to get the last laugh.

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