8 Tips To Mastering Your Mental Focus Like a Monk

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The key to living a productive life style lies within building a focus. Coming to master your mental focus is a bit of a trick; however, in the long run, it will create a more disciplined and accomplished journey.

The majority of us tend to become victim to the cognitive switching penalty, which is the side effect resulting from multi-tasking. When confronted with a situation, your brain will begin to load the context of what you’re doing into active memory.

If you’re constantly switching the focus of your attention, you’re forcing your brain to spend time and effort reloading the context.

The cognitive switching penalty can include mental and physical fatigue. By mastering your mental focus, you can avoid the waste of such energy.

These 8 tips below will lead to an improved mental focus.

8 Productivity hacks to improve your mental focus:

Tip 1: Focus on one thing

As mentioned before, multi-tasking causes the brain to load several bits of information at once. When the brain has to refocus on a task, it drains the brain of energy. This leads to fatigue, inability to focus, and poor work ethic as you may not get anything done.

improve mental focus

You could have spent the whole day working, but multi-tasking leaves the brain fatigued. In reality, much work may not have been accomplished.

Tip 2: Use motivating self-talk

The act of self-talking can assist in the progress of building a focus. By reinforcing your goal with positive affirmations, you are motivating yourself to remain focused.

The act of vocalizing your words inhibits a subconscious commitment to whatever was said. By thinking of goals and then voicing them, it causes this type of reaction on the brain.

The brain will create a subconscious commitment to this goal and you will feel more inclined to continue.

Use motivating self talk


Tip 3: Meditate to calm yourself

Meditation is one of the most powerful tool someone could use to build a focus. The reason for this is its ability to train an individual to control their thoughts. This begins with bringing your focus to your breath.

meditation powerful tool

While meditating, you may notice thoughts popping into your mind. Instead of panicking, try disengaging from that train of thought. Then return your focus to your breath and hold it there. This act of meditating will hone your control and allow more mental focus.

Tip 4: Exercise – A healthy body is a healthy mind

exercise effect on brain

The act of exercising releases chemicals in the brain that affect learning and memory. By becoming more physically active, you could increase your focus as well. Not only does it provide long term benefits, but it provides a short term boost to mental and cognitive performance up to 3 hours after working out.

The brain even has its own function called Neuroplasticity which includes the brain healing itself with blood flow and protein.

Tip 5: Manage Stimulation

Online addiction

Stimulation such as electronics, social media, and video games create a psychological dependence on the brain. You can actually go into a type of withdrawal when away from stimulation.

This withdrawal can interrupt your focus and make it difficult to focus on objectives at hand. Whenever you’re working or are trying to focus, try relocating your phone to another area, turning all electronics off, and concentrating on the goal. This will ultimately aid you in building a better focus.

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Tip 6: Mindful Second Thoughts

mindfulness Be aware

Becoming mindful when encountering distractions is another way to consciously control what you’re focusing on. For example, next time you proceed to check an email or go onto social media, think to yourself, “this is a distraction.”

Your brain will immediately categorize this act with a less priority. Use mindful second thoughts to control your thought and behavior pattern so that more production occurs.


Tip 7: Fuel your body

Perhaps the most important step to mental focus is staying hydrated. When the body does not receive adequate hydration, brain cells begin to lose their efficiency. In fact, dehydration can impair short term memory function and the recall of long term memory. Staying hydrated throughout the day will deliver the balanced amount of water to your brain cells which will assist in your focus.

Also, foods such as dark chocolate, fish, nuts, whole grains, avocado, and carrots provide the brain with nutrients that increase mental sharpness.


Tip 8: Practice good discipline

Regarding the fact that everything in an individual’s life influences mental focus, it is smart to establish a disciplined strategy. For example, proper hydration and nutrients are needed for optimal brain function. You must keep on yourself to eat or drink when necessary.

Knowing to remove any temptations is another act of discipline; you must take it upon yourself to remove anything that could distract you. Evaluating and removing bad habits will form a discipline that can be extended to building mental focus.


Following any one of these tips will improve mental focus; however, the tricky part is disciplining yourself so that you follow through with the development process.

By increasing your mental focus, the quality and quantity of productivity in your life will increase. In reality, more focus leads to a more fulfilled life. Having mental clarity, and knowing what you have to do, will reveal additional opportunity.

25 comments on “8 Tips To Mastering Your Mental Focus Like a Monk

  1. Hi Robcmart,

    Energetic Content. Focusing on one thing and being optimistic is a great way to get succeeded in life. All the points you mentioned here are sure to follow.

    Thanks for share. Have a beautiful day.

  2. ROBCMART sir, great article. Now a days people are busy with a lot of things. Every place is crowded and silence is away from us. For this reasons people loses their focus.
    But here you are given some useful tricks to improve our mental focus. Really thanks for your great tips in this busy life.

  3. Brilliant tips to improve your focus. Also, enough and timely sleep is important for the overall well-being of the mind and body.

  4. Nice article. Exercise and meditation themselves boost focus and increases concentration. I like reading such articles very much.

  5. Hi Robcmart,

    Admiring the time and energy you put into your blog and detailed information you present. You have used attractive and quality images. Thanks for sharing your article.

  6. Hi Robcmart,
    Thank you for your tips. I often find myself in a situation where I lose focus, especially when tasks take longer than an hour and involve complicated calculations. I like your 3rd tip “meditation” and will give it a try.

  7. Great post Robcmart. The tips and ideas you described here are just awesome for enhancing the mental focus. I personally am a web designer and works on computer for all my day. And therefore loved these ideas. Will surely try to implement them for enhancing the lifestyle and reducing the stress.

  8. Hello Robcmart,

    Today, none has such time to do this such thing which is mentioned above. But after reading this article Now, I get to know what a benefit we ‘ll gets after doing this. Now from tomorrow, I am going to improve my mental focus regular and also give advice to my all other friends. Thanks for this posting.


  9. Thanks! ROBCMART for this great article. I belongs from Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh. I know something about Gautam Buddha’s worshiping priest and about their concentration. They are very mature in concentrate on their mind on particular object. And focusing on particular thing is really can make a positive and responsive results.

  10. Well said. The focusing on one thing part really got me coz i keep focusing on multiple things which can be really hectic.

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