How To Hack your Subconscious Mind for Massive Success

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Have you seriously considered the true potentials of your mind? The human mind is a powerful tool that has the super abilities of reality-distortion.

subconscious mind

Yes, everyone is capable of reality-distortion, and it is not something exclusive to Steve Jobs or the likes. Agreed that there are some of them who have a higher level of expertise in making it work for themselves, but that doesn’t mean that you are not gifted with this ability.

Neuroplasticity is the scientific term for the development of pathways in the human brains, which are developed as a result of your daily interactions, neural processes, emotions, behavior and the likes.

How to Leverage your subconscious mind for Massive Success

This is to say that if you have complete control of your mind and you can train it and re-wire it to your liking. What if this very skill of re-wiring could help you reach massive success?

While it was always held in high regards that the brain structure was highly immutable after a certain period of childhood, it has been recently discarded after new studies.

Decades of neuroplasticity studies, however, showed that even after the critical childhood period of massive growth and development, the human mind remains plastic even through adulthood.

These new alterations occur due to surroundings, environment, and other factors, including what you feed your brain with. This is something you have complete control of and here we’ll explore a few ways how you can train your subconscious mind for massive success.

Recognize the thoughts that bring you down

Negative thoughts quote

We’re usually not in control of our desires, fears, angst, and all other kinds of emotions. Sigmund Freud put a great perspective of the unconscious mind in his writings.

He mentions that man is made to curb his natural desires in the society, giving rise to desires that often arise out of the subconscious mind.

Remember the flamboyant product ad on the TV which wanted you to develop a longing to get your hands on? Well, there you have your subconscious mind taking control of you, unknowingly. I’ve always mentioned success as being subjective, and there is no one right way to achieve success and that is an entirely different case. For attaining massive success, you need to kick out the fear of failure from your mind.

Although you might not get down over unsuccessful stints, the subconscious mind kicks in when you’re down. Being emotionally detached to your tasks and work is one great way to achieve massive success in whatever you do.

For this, you must recognize situations where you are emotionally dejected and recognize how your sub-conscious mind is coming into play. The first step to train your sub-conscious mind is in understanding how it is controlling your emotions that could pose a serious obstacle in you achieving your goals in life.

Practice Specific Visualization

Specific Visualization

What does one do very often when is eagerly awaiting a moment very dear to them? This is where the visualization power of the subconscious mind. Have you ever imagined how awful your test would be when you come to the fact that you haven’t studied enough?

Well, the way you visualize the future also does have an impact on your outcome. This is not to say that being arrogantly pessimistic about everything would make you successful, although most of time it does work! There’s just a fine line between being confident or positive and being overconfident and arrogant. Specific visualization is where you train your mind to think of situations in a more specific detail.

This detailed level of visualization is something that would help you narrow down on where you need to work upon and act accordingly. Our visions tend to be more general, like becoming the CEO of the next Fortune 500 company, earning yourself to comfort, being ostentatiously rich and so on.

Each of us wants to be rich and lead a comfortable life, and such kind of visualization won’t help you in any way. Try to visualize what is the success to you and what you want to do with your life. Be as much specific as possible, to the level that ‘I want to publish a paper at XYZ publication’ and so on. Write down these visions of yours on how you visualize success for yourselves and arrange them by their order of priority with the ones needing immediate action at the top. Cut this list short, down to the topmost 5 or 10 goals.

Stay affirmative on your thoughts and decisions

Affirmative decisions quote

Once you’ve done the previous step, you are now in possession of a solid list of the top 5 or 10 goals for your life. While your subconscious mind will always come up with excuses and reasons to avoid tackling these issues, it is your job to train your subconscious mind to stick to these decisions of yours.

The best way to go about here would be to make short affirmative statements like

‘I will do XYZ task today for ABC minutes’ and so.

Try repeating these affirmative sentences to yourself, until they get ingrained into your subconscious mind and you take action on them before the day closes.

The thoughts and actions that you put into your schedule on a daily basis are what trains your subconscious mind. To break from this perceived setting, you need to re-wire your brain with such affirmative sentences. What is known famously as the confirmation bias, the subconscious mind just perceives everything the way you make it feel. Short and positive affirmations repeated to yourselves over the course of the day is a great way to train your subconscious mind for success in all the activities that you undertake.

Solve Problems more often

Creativity and problem solving quote

Critical thinking and analytical skills are two of the most needed skills for success in any kind of environment. Be it in business, self-employment or your work, solving problems better is finally what differentiates the successful people from the rest.

While the previously laid down steps would help you to understand and identify problems better, the most important part is how you approach these problems with your skillset. We tend not to get involved in many nitty-grittiness of the world, labeling them just with a single question,

“What’s in it for me?”.

By embracing problems and trying to work out through the nuances and training your mind to do it every time, you come across such situations is a great way to train your mind for massive success.

All the successful entrepreneurs, the best employees, and all the successful people are the ones who embrace problems and have made it a habit to work out through them. Instilling this kind of approach to problems is a great way to train your subconscious mind for success.

At the end of the day every week, take a piece of paper and write down 5 or 10 things that immediately come to your mind regarding a few problems that you’ve encountered. Now think through these problems and how you would come up with a solution to the problem at hand. In our Ergonomics and Human Factors, we’ve been introduced to an amazing concept known as ‘Form follows failure’.

This is to say that all of the improvements, innovations and progress come as a result of the previously encountered problems and by fixing them. Train your subconscious mind to actively seek out problems and make it a habit come up with your solutions.

There might be lying a great business prospect somewhere around there, you never know!

Get daily Meditation and Physical Activity

Meditation art

We’ve recently covered a feature article on the benefits of Meditation and how it has a brilliantly positive affect on your life. It cannot be emphasized more essential meditation has become in the present day, with all of the complexities involved in our daily lives.

Meditation will help you connect with your inner self & you would learn a great deal of things about yourself & the universe.

Your subconscious mind needs to be kept fresh all of the times and exercise, walking, meditation, etc. is some of the best ways that would help your brain relax and get focused better. Meditation and physical exercises have proven to have significant positive impact on the human brain, at a level where it creates new connections altogether.

Remember the neuroplasticity I’ve talked about at the beginning?

Meditation and physical exercises are how you can train your subconscious mind to focus better on whatever it is that you take up. To be able to consistently create and sustain the positive thoughts and affirmations that we’ve mentioned before, it is essential that you allow your mind to do so by fuelling it effectively. Walking, meditation and physical exercises have been proven to have a positive impact on the creativity, problem-solving and overall well-being of a person.

Train your Brain with exercises

Mental Math

Another topic we’ve recently dealt with in at a detailed level, there are a few brain exercises that have been proven to have a positive impact on your IQ and overall brain performance.

**These brain exercises are a great way to train your subconscious mind to identify patterns, develop insightful connections and have an improved overall positive effect on your life.

We’ve talked in the above-mentioned article about how the human brain ages and how those brain exercises would help you slow down your ‘brain-aging‘. Keeping the subconscious mind active and developing a sense of intellectual curiosity with such brain training exercises would help a great deal when it comes to achieving success in your life.

Brain exercises and daily reading would be a couple great ways to keep your mind occupied, curious and focused on your goals. These brain exercises would also help in sustaining all of the above-mentioned steps to develop a better subconscious mind.

So, as we come to the end of this article, what are the important aspects that you would consider improving one’s subconscious mind? Shout Out your thoughts and comments on this article below in the comments section.

13 comments on “How To Hack your Subconscious Mind for Massive Success

  1. Hello SRIKANTH AN,

    Just read this post and its really awesome. The way you write and your dedication towards the topic is what I have found on this post is just great. Stumbling other posts by you too..


  2. Hi Srikanth,

    I believe in what you think yourself will become like that when we think positively about anything we will find so many ideas about how to achieve that with a time frame, I realised this process so many times in so many situations, still our mind thinks negative more than positive.

    I believe meditation and physical exercise helps a lot in controlling our subconscious mind, thanks you very much for sharing this information.

  3. Awesome post Srikanth, you are doing great job however you are the main guest poster in ShoutMeLoud’s lifehacks category !
    Thanks for this great article too I found it very helpful

  4. Indeed an illuminating article and nice set of directions to seize complete control of mind. The whole article is worth referring time and again. Thanks.

  5. Hi Srikanth,

    This was indeed awesome. I agree to you that meditation and physical exercise helps a lot in controlling our mind.

    Thanks much for sharing !!

  6. Hey Srikanth,
    I know that if I want to be successful in my life, I have to pass through up and downs. I loved all the provisions, especially the visualization process. I have also read about it in a book named “The Secret”. It is such an amazing book. Have you read that out?



    Thanks so much for this extremely informative article. The subconscious mind, meta-changes, and deep character-level shifts are of utmost importance to me.

    It’s invaluable to know you can create anything and everything that you want, through specific visualization and consistent affirmations, followed by decisive action and perseverance. I’ve been getting into binaural beats and meditation a LOT heavier lately, and the world seems to be reinforcing the fact that I need it as a daily habit.

    Great content!

    – Evan

  8. Thanks for the guidelines of how subconscious mind control be kept with affirmative sentences, brain exercises, meditation, and physical exercises
    Speak out loud makes me free from daily work load.
    Can we control and treat physical pains in body?

  9. Hi!,
    If you have to achieve anything then you need to have control on your mind.
    And in this article, you have explained it very well.

  10. Hello Srikanth
    Very well written and inspiring post.Although it’s a vast topic and so much has been written about the powers of mind….yet it seems easier said than done.It’s really really tough to control the monkey menace of mind.
    Very good effort.Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi Srikanth,

    Very important subject for this article.

    You explained it so nicely and thoroughly.

    Yes, mind is everything and by controlling your mind, you can control your habits.

    I’m doing Vipassana Meditation for last 15 years, which Buddha gave to this world.

    Through this Vipassana Meditation, I’m learning to know myself and control my angers and negative thoughts, but this Meditation is not based on any kind of rites or rituals, pure science of mind and matter.
    Imagination is far away from this technique.
    Buddha taught to live in the present moment only and see and observe only present, do nothing else.
    But it is hard work, takes years of years and even many births to control our mind.


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