How To Become a Morning Person From A Night Owl

“Good Morning” –  a greeting that is dished out several times during the day. For some people, morning is at 6AM, for somebody else, it’s at 11AM. One of the most famous early risers is Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. Tim Cook wakes up at 4:30 AM. He’s done with almost an entire day’s work by 12PM. […]

How To Stop Complaining in 6 Steps (Break the habit)

The more you complain about your problems, the more problems you will have to complain about.   Zig Ziglar As we were landing into the middle of another year, like everybody else, I did some retrospection and re-evaluated my last year’s journey. I thought about how it’d be the perfect time to start making the changes I wanted to […]

8 Tips To Mastering Your Mental Focus Like a Monk

The key to living a productive life style lies within building a focus. Coming to master your mental focus is a bit of a trick; however, in the long run, it will create a more disciplined and accomplished journey. The majority of us tend to become victim to the cognitive switching penalty, which is the […]

How Can You Become an Alpha Male in 10 Steps?

So you want to be an alpha male? Imagine being successful at work. You’re your own boss. You’re respected by your peers. And you never worry about money anymore. What’s more, imagine feeling great every single day. You’re muscular, energetic, and filled with youthful drive. How This Guide to Alpha Male Will Help You Here’s […]

5 Ways To Lift Your Mood When you’re Feeling down

Each one of us experiences a low-phase at some point of time. We place the blame on our circumstances, health or emotional proclivities. The truth is that there is only one person accountable for such bouts of grief, boredom, or depression: YOU! Whenever I ask depressed acquaintances about their low-phase, I receive mixed responses such […]