How Can You Become an Alpha Male in 10 Steps?

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So you want to be an alpha male?

  • Imagine being successful at work.
  • You’re your own boss.
  • You’re respected by your peers.
  • And you never worry about money anymore.

What’s more, imagine feeling great every single day. You’re muscular, energetic, and filled with youthful drive.

How This Guide to Alpha Male Will Help You

Here’s the thing: To become an alpha male, you’ll need to develop five areas of your life. These are:

  1. Self-Esteem and Status
  2. Leadership
  3. Fashion, Grooming, and Physical Fitness
  4. Body Language and Likeability
  5. Detachment to Opinions and Outcomes

If you want to become an alpha male, then, you’ll need to develop your self-esteem and status. Here are some best tips to do so.

10 Step Formula to Become a High Value Alpha Male:

Never Complain.

Never Complain

Another thing that everyone loves about the alpha male is that he never complains about anything. He’s aware that there’re so many other people out there in much worse situations than he’s in, and agrees that he has absolutely no right to complain.

When the alpha male finds something he doesn’t agree with, he either changes it, changes his attitude about it, or makes it irrelevant to his life completely.

When Problems Come, Never Panic.

Calm Thinking

Average guys are quick to panic or become emotional when things start to go wrong. Alpha males are not like that. They stay calm, quickly assess the situation, come up with a fast and effective solution, and put that solution into action.

Can you stay calm under pressure?

Seek Your Deepest Fears and Conquer Them.

Everyone is afraid of something – the difference is in what we do about our fears. Average men try to hide their fears and pretend they don’t exist. Alpha males acknowledge their fears and even admit them if they have to. Then they work relentlessly to conquer those fears.

Be honest with yourself. What are your deepest fears, and how are they holding you back from becoming an alpha male? And what will you do now to conquer them?

Never Blame.

Never Blame

Here’s another mark of the alpha male: He never blames anyone or anything for his current situation. He takes full responsibility for his thoughts, decisions, actions, and words. If he fails, he doesn’t deny it and quietly works harder to turn that failure into a success.

Never Look for Excuses.

Everyone loves the alpha male because he is a “What you see is what you get” person. He doesn’t hide anything. When he fails in anything, he doesn’t make excuses for it – he apologizes and fixes the situation. Can you own up to your failings?

Understand that Nobody Owes You Anything.

It’s sad, but today’s generation of men is a generation of whiners. Men are talking about what they “deserve,” and when they don’t get it, they get offended, they blame, and they complain.

Alpha males are not like that. The alpha male knows that nobody – except his own self – owes him anything.

Be Aware of Your Own Mortality.

One thing everyone loves about the alpha male is his bravery. He’s not afraid of anyone or anything, and that includes death. He knows he’s going to die one day, and that one day may be very, very soon. So the alpha male doesn’t waste any day of his life and relentlessly moves towards his goals every single day.

Never Try to Over-Please People Higher Than You

Some men try to over-please their bosses, their superiors, or other people in positions of authority. They do this to get an unfair advantage over their peers. Don’t ever do this, because it puts you in places you don’t deserve to be.

Alpha males become successful not because of other people, but because of their effort and hard work.

Never Bully Anyone.

Never Bully

Weak men bully other people to feel strong. And when you bully others, you basically tell everyone that you’re weak.

Don’t tear anyone down to build yourself up.

Tip #10:

Never Gossip.

Alpha males are always busy pursuing their goals and improving their relationships. They never have time to gossip about other people.

5 comments on “How Can You Become an Alpha Male in 10 Steps?

  1. Nice article Mccallan, every one wants to be an alpha male, but only few can achieve it, i know that i cant implement all the formulas you mentioned above, but try my best to stick for few of them, thanks for sharing

  2. Awesome tips. It will help me a lot to build positive mental attitude.Thanks TIMMCCALLAN

  3. Nice article Timm. You shared great knowledge here. I think this article will help all starup bloggers to understand performing like one man army. So you dont have anyone to blame rather blaming yourself.

  4. Not complaining is a really good one. Cut that out completely. Find every reason not to complain about anything and work it out for yourself completely. It works to do this and it is an essential step.

    Never bullying anyone is a good one too. That’s why I think Steve Urkel from Family Matters is so great.

  5. Definitely these are not just to be an alpha man, but these steps can help transform life and they are great for everybody to learn frmo.

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