An Inside View of Chokhi Dhani Sonipat – From My Lens

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Last week I went to Chauki Dhani with family & enjoyed the place. This place is located 80 Km outside Delhi & you can reach within 2 hours by self-driven car. It’s a family place where you will be enjoying the culture of Rajasthan. The place looks quite authentic & entry fees is about 500/person which includes traditional Rajasthani thali.

Here are some of the moments from Chokhi Dhani:

Chauki Dhani Sonipat641
Outside of Chokhi Dhani Sonipat
Chauki Dhani Sonipat
Artifacts at the entry
Chauki Dhani Sonipat
Family enjoying traditional live music of Rajasthan
Chauki Dhani Folk dance
How about some Folk dance
Chauki Dhani Sonipat706
Music & instruments- Rajasthani Style
Shop for traditional stuff.
Shop for traditional stuff.
Chauki Dhani archery
Chauki Dhani Sonipat
Yah! They have toy train too!

Chauki Dhani Sonipat735 Chauki Dhani Sonipat755

Chauki Dhani Sonipat756

Shooting practice traditional way
Shooting practice traditional way

Chauki Dhani Sonipat820

Chauki Dhani Sonipat821 Chauki Dhani Sonipat834

Chauki Dhani Sonipat847
Traditional Rajasthani Thai with Dal Bati n Churma.

Overall it’s a good place to go for one time with family or if you have foreigner friends visiting from outside.


6 comments on “An Inside View of Chokhi Dhani Sonipat – From My Lens

  1. Sir,
    It’s really a great place to visit. we get the glimpses of Rajasthani culture here. A day is less for a place like this to visit and yeah that thali uff… how can i forget that. the thali is huge and big with lots of dishes and it gets so confusing that where to start from.
    and thanku sir for posting these kinds of articles side by side of technology articles !

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