Meeting With John Abraham and After Party

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Couple of days back I went to attend opening ceremony of Timberland at Ambience mall, New Delhi. I got to meet John Abraham and couple of old friends including Honey Singh. I regret not carrying my DSLR camera, here are few shots which I have taken from my mobile phone.

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7 comments on “Meeting With John Abraham and After Party

  1. I agreeeeee .. 😉 .. It would have been greater if you would have carried your DSLR camera.. ! Keep writing ..

  2. Honey Singh is my favorite among Punjabi Singers. His album has been quite famous, should I mention the name of the song here? 😛

  3. I am sorry for my previous comment Harsh, I mistook Honey Singh [Blogger] with Honey Singh [Punjabi Singer]. Hope you don’t mind 🙂 Honeytechblog is also one of my favorite blogs along with shoutmeloud!

  4. I guess it’s so late as m commenting after 3 year almost. But when you talked about Honey Singh, can’t stop myself to write. “Bebo Diya Gallan…Pink, Pink”

  5. harsh sir,

    I am samba siva and I am inspired from you. Sir I have contacted you many times using gmail and you also replied my answers. Sir I checked your google+ profile, because I need your phone number. Please sir give it to me. Please send your phone number to me using gmail. Anyway I am the biggest fan of you and I follow all your blogs including . So please give me phone number sir

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