How to Deal with Stress and Get Back to Work!

One of the worst things about being under stress is that it decreases your efficiency and productivity, and it has a negative effect on your overall performance. Like you, I get stressed for various reasons. Sometimes my stress is work-related, sometimes it’s related to personal issues, and at times it can be related to disturbing news of something […]

A Dream Daily Time Table for Me

Last one year has been very monotonous for me. When I look back @last 1 year, I realized I missed doing many things. Many things which I have planned are still in pending Zone and I missed one thing and that is push. One simple reason for the same is, I have not set any […]

What To Do When Your World is Falling Apart

One fine morning you woke up and you realise that your world is falling apart, everything around is a mess and you can’t even shout for help. There is no one to to rescue you and you are of your own. I’m sure once in a while you have been into this situation and this […]

My 25th Birthday WishList

Last year, when I was celebrating my birthday (22nd June), I had couple of Birthday wishlist that includes my car, LCD TV, macbook and a PS3. Though later on I dropped the plan for PS3 and iPad but I have completed my first two wishlist. In a month I’m turning into 25 and that means […]

What’s Next?

In last 9 years I had one of the most thrilling life. In 2002, I moved away from my family and started staying in the hostel. That was my first official stay in hosted and first time I lived away from home. Probably the best decision I have ever taken. Living alone (Away from family), […]