Best Indian Blog Award 2016: ShoutMeLoud

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Awards are good!

They motivate us & most importantly, they make us feel great. It’s also a sign that your work is being noticed by people who matter.

However, it shouldn’t be the only driving factor for what you do.

As Oscar winner Natalie Portman once said:

When you start valuing yourself based on other people’s accolades, it is a little dangerous, because then you have to start valuing yourself based on other people’s insults, too.

So being grounded & staying focused is the best thing you can do for your career.

ShoutMeLoud has been consistently lucky when it comes to winning awards and creating a name for itself. 


Because we never focused on anything other than what matters for our audience. Anything that comes apart from our reader’s appreciation is just a bonus.

Last month, I got an unexpected email from Chitra using LinkedIn Inmail. She told me about the award:


When someone asks for my personal details over email, I usually ignore it. But, this time, I didn’t & replied to Chitra’s email.

Guess what?

It turned out to be the real deal. All the selected winners & companies were based on talent and nothing else.

From here, Shallu, who is also the Director of Corporate Communication for ShoutDreams, took care of everything & we received the award on 28th September at The Park Hotel in New Delhi.  

  • Award: Drivers of Digital Awards 2016 By InkSpell Solutions
  • Description: 2015-16 has been a watershed year for the digital landscape in India. The industry witnessed innumerable campaigns and services which gave an immense fillip to the digital movement in the country and raised the bar of excellence. Drivers of Digital Awards 2016 – India Chapter, will be a recap of the digital achievements in the year gone by. Attending the awards ceremony would not only enable you to capture the entire year’s greatness in a live show, but also provide you with a chance to meet and greet the iconic heroes behind such great works. And if that was not enough, the show shall be followed by a grand celebration party with the Who’s Who of the digital space. Brace yourselves for a Blockbuster!!!

Here are a few images from the Gala night that are worth archiving:


That’s @Sharatnik who has been with ShoutMeLoud since 2014. This is the first time he picked up an award on behalf of ShoutMeLoud. You can see how content he looks. 






And that’s how the 28th of September became one of those days that I’ll cherish forever. 

Thanks for being part of this journey & see you in the next post!

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