Time is Changing and So Am I

Changes are good in life.  Remaining static is never our goal. Time never stands still, and neither do we. I am changing with time. Things which used to be top priorities for me are not even on my list anymore, and there are many new things added to my list of priorities. The ways in which I […]

How to Deal with Stress and Get Back to Work!

One of the worst things about being under stress is that it decreases your efficiency and productivity, and it has a negative effect on your overall performance. Like you, I get stressed for various reasons. Sometimes my stress is work-related, sometimes it’s related to personal issues, and at times it can be related to disturbing news of something […]

A Dream Daily Time Table for Me

Last one year has been very monotonous for me. When I look back @last 1 year, I realized I missed doing many things. Many things which I have planned are still in pending Zone and I missed one thing and that is push. One simple reason for the same is, I have not set any […]

What’s Next?

In last 9 years I had one of the most thrilling life. In 2002, I moved away from my family and started staying in the hostel. That was my first official stay in hosted and first time I lived away from home. Probably the best decision I have ever taken. Living alone (Away from family), […]