John Chow: How To Earn Millions From Your Blog (Pro Affiliate marketer ) – SML #1

Harsh Agrawal
Harsh Agrawal
John Chow: How To Earn Millions From Your Blog (Pro Affiliate marketer ) - SML #1
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Welcome to the very first podcast of

Larn how to make money from a blog beyond ads and affiliate marketing.

The guest for this episode is John Chow from

John Chow is an entrepreneur, author, father, blogger, speaker, and dot-com mogul.

He was born in China and moved to Canada when he was 7.

John worked at a job for a grand total of 8 months during his entire life. After that, he concluded that “working sucks!” and he never did it again.

Today, he runs one of the biggest blogs on the internet – – which has a daily readership of approximately 200,000!

 What are you going to learn in this podcast?

  • How to select the right affiliate program for your blog.
  • When the right time is to launch your own product.
  • How to identify who your real customers are.
  • How to upsell your product to your readers.
  • Why joining a mastermind group is important.

And a lot of other great insight that can only be found on this ShoutMeLoud podcast.

Show Notes

1:00 – John explains why 90% of bloggers fail to retain their customers.

2:21 – Benefits of selecting a recurring affiliate program over a normal affiliate program.

3.25 – John’s rationale behind creating different stages of selling a product and why it is important.

6:17 – How creating different mediums of delivery for your products can help you reach your sales goal at a much faster rate.

8:43 – How to create and promote mastermind groups.

9:38 – Why it is essential to go to mastermind sessions.

11:55 – Why you absolutely should not leave affiliate marketing after launching a product.

Key Takeaway

Don’t spread yourself too thin. Master one thing which you are good at, and stick to it.

Links and Resources Mentioned

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