Improving Writing Skills, Creating Team, Getting Sponsorships – SML #2

Harsh Agrawal
Harsh Agrawal
Improving Writing Skills, Creating Team, Getting Sponsorships - SML #2
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Welcome to the first ever Shouter’s Friday with Harsh Agrawal Podcast. This is a new show that we are starting to answer all the questions of Shouters from around the world.

In this Podcast, we pick top questions asked by Shouters and answer them in detail.

With me, I have Chatty Sharma as co-host. Chatty is a fellow Shouter like you who is curious to ask questions and want to learn blogging and online marketing in detail.

In this first episode of Shouter’s Friday, we answer various questions related to improving writing skills, creating a good team, getting sponsorships for your blog and much more.

Questions Covered in this episode

[00:59] – How can I make myself a great blog writer like Harsh Agrawal?

[08:05] – What should I do with my second site?

[15:44] – How to create a team?

[21:01] – How much time to settle after https?

[27:08] – How Can I get Sponsorships to hold a Giveaway?

Resources from this episode

Grammarly – To correct your basic grammatical and spelling mistakes

Sedo – To buy or sell websites

ContentMart – Hire content writers

Google Search Console – To submit sitemap


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Thought of the week

Focus on your strengths and your weaknesses will go away naturally