15 Signs You Are Succeeding In Life Even If You Don’t Feel You Are

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How do you define Success? How do you define Happiness? Is it all about a seven-figure paycheck, a mansion and an extravagant vehicle?

Success is a pretty subjective term, subject to an individual’s instinctive and emotional state of being. What is one person’s definition of success is fool’s gold to someone else. In between all of the struggle for existence, feeling happy and being successful lies in the dignity and a delight for one’s own way of living.

It is pretty natural for us humans, at a sub-conscious level, to quickly compare with people around us and come to a conclusion that we are a ‘Failure’. It still amazes me everyday how easy it is for us to see the good in others, but not in ourselves! One’s feeling of success and happiness is all about the way they think, it is all a part of your mind and how you shape them.

15 Signs You Are Succeeding In Life Even If You Don’t Feel You Are

In the daily pursuit of life, we are often so caught off guard by the ostentatious definitions of success, that we fail to revel in the beauty of our happy little moments. Whatever your definition of Success maybe, there are little things in life that ultimately define the way you have led your life. So, chin up and take a look at these things in life that you might be writing off easily as being worthless. Learn to appreciate the beautiful little things in your life.

You Spend more on Experiences than Possessions

Fill your life with experiences

When you have come to your realisation that life is a mystery waiting to be explored, possessions won’t matter much to you. Successful people invest their money on one-off experiences which are far from daily life. These experiences turn into some of your best memories, which will stick with you forever. Also travelling for such one-off experiences will help you see the world in fresh perspective. Experiences make a person modest, as they see how little space they occupy in the world.

The media and people around you will compel you to spend your wealth on possessions which are brief moments of happiness. Experiences are imperceptible! You are successful if you value experiences over materialistic possessions.

You don’t do things JUST for Money


Successful people spend their time on things that can’t be bought. For successful people, Money doesn’t buy everything. Unsuccessful people are those who let money choose a career or job for them, they let money choose their state of mind and the way their free time is spent. Successful people are those who are freed from the prison made of money. If you pursue a career or spend your free time the way which seems perfect to you, you are successful.

Successful people know that once they find a way to follow what matters the most to them, money will follow.

You revel in the Success of Others

Celebrate the success of others

You are successful if you truly enjoy the success of those around you. Successful people channel positive energy from others’ victories to grow more optimistic and confident. True leaders celebrate the glory of others and they do not possess hatred towards their successful subordinates.

You are happy and successful if free from frustrations and worry, that often arise when you take other’s win as a loss for you.

You are Open to Change


Only change is permanent in this world. It is hard for us humans to change, we fight to hold on to things and we fight to let go. If you are ready to face the changes coming at you, you are successful. Successful people are ready to expect the unexpected and be prepared for the same. Being open and flexible about your future plans would help you ease from the burdens of expectations. Successful people realise that change is inevitable.

You are successful if you are open to the idea of trying out something new and walking the road less travelled. You are successful if you attempt to change the things that affect people’s lives negatively.

You do not Fear to ask for Support

Ask for help

It is a commonly believed notion that he who asks for help is not independent or does not possess the ability to cope up with life. Successful people know that asking for help when needed no way undermines their own abilities. Unsuccessful people are those who wish to see the world through their microscopic view of things and refuse to learn the truth. Seeking out help when needed in turn is an act of  courage and wisdom.

You are successful if you never hesitate to ask out help from people when needed the most. We are here to help each other and see things through and successful people know it the best.

Failure propels you even further


Failure is hard to take and people don’t like even the thought of it. You are successful if you embrace failure and use it as a channel to propel yourself even further. Life is made up of successes and failures and clinging onto one of your failure and deeming yourself unfit is entirely wrong.

You are successful if you see your failures and setbacks as stepping stones to a better future. You are successful if you embrace your failures instead of trying to avoid them.

You Let Go things which you Cannot Control


There are things out of one’s control and you are successful if you accept what you can’t change. Letting go of things out of your control is pretty hard and successful people have mastered this art.

The mind only gets even more troubled with thoughts of situations out of one’s own jurisdictions. Happy is the man who is strong enough to say ‘no’ to the things that are out of his reach and control.

You’ve stopped Complaining about People and Incidents

Successful people are those who have realised that there isn’t much to complaining. Complaining has been associated with humans since the invention of languages and is something which successful people have let go of. They are the ones who have realised that whining about the things out of one’s reach is of no use, apart from frustration and worry.

Many people are adamant in their complains that certain person or incident has conferred upon them such a sad state. This only worsens one’s state of being and is often the cause of unhappiness.

You have people Willing to Die for you

Not literally! Successful people are those who have realised that the quality of relationships matter the most over the number of acquaintances you possess. You are successful if you have at least a few people who are willing to go the extra mile for your problems and help you see them through.

Your family, your closes friends who have always been with you through the thick and thin matter the most to you and are the ones you should cherish for your lifetime.

Your Opinion of Yourself matters the most


Successful people never let others define them. Although it may sound a bit narcissistic, you are successful if you care only about how you see yourself. Your self-worth is more important to you than the approval of someone else. You are successful if you hold yourself in your high regards and respect yourself.

Everyone is bound to have an opinion about you, but what matters the most is your own opinion of yourself.

You Do not Fear to take Risks

The ‘Go big or go home’ attitude is something you would find most often among successful people. As said before, the fear of failure holds people from taking risks and successful people are the ones who do not fear taking their leap of faith.

You are successful if you do not fear taking risks, leading the path less travelled.

You value your Purpose above everything

Purpose in life

Successful people swear by their responsibilities and purpose in life. You are successful if your vision and purpose in life are the driving force behind you and everything else comes second to you. Successful people go for their calling in life and continue to seek answers that give meaning to their lives.

You are successful if you are passionate about the things dearest to you and pursue your goals persistently.

You keep Yourself and your Family first

Successful people are those who value their own personal well-being and care about the people close to their lives. You are successful if you are able to make adequate time for yourself and for your dearest family and friends. They are the morale pillars of your life and successful people never fail to recognise them for their efforts and often spend quality time with them.

In our bustling daily lives, it is hard to keep up close with family and friends, but you are successful if you have it figured out. A healthy body and a healthy soul are the signs of a successful being.

You have developed Empathy for others

Empathy quotes

Empathy and compassion for fellow living beings are the mark of a successful person. Successful people are the ones who have endured pain, loss, grief, struggles and still manage to come up on a high. These people possess an appreciative understanding of living beigns that fills them up with compassion. Successful people have a deep and loving concern for those around them.

In this world full of people quick to judge, showing empathy is a priceless asset only found among the successful people.

You are Happy!


The ubiquitous definition of success is being happy the way one is. If you are happy for yourself, you are successful. You are successful if you hold no guilt or angst for yourself and free from all the prejudices and hold yourself in your high regards. Your happiness and well being are the only measures of you being successful.

In the end, you are only as happy and successful as you make yourself feel.

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You do not need to fret if you do not find yourself among the said signs of being successful. Work on these factors and aim for your happiness, which is the biggest form of success in one’s life.

So, what do you think about these little signs of a successful life? Care to add any more to this list? Shout out your thoughts and comments below.

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4 comments on “15 Signs You Are Succeeding In Life Even If You Don’t Feel You Are

  1. Hey, Srikanth

    Thank you for the lovely post its really awesome . You know now everyone is busy for money or complete requirements fulfill for daily needs and sometimes i also feel i am existing in this life.

  2. Thanks Srikant, it is very motivate me. From now, i should realize the real ‘succeeding in life’ means.

  3. Hi Srikanth, Your Philosophy about life is very clear. You are a great motivator. I usually read your articles when I feel distracted. While I read your articles, try to do the same as you write about, but after some days I forget everything. I want to know how to bring them in practice to the daily routine life. How to sustain them in life?

    Thanks again

    1. Hey Nikhil,

      Firstly, thank you for your lovely comment. The part about bringing philosophies into practice is something very daunting initially. I have been through similar phases and instead of giving it in, I helped myself develop an external perspective to events. That way you see yourselves more clearly and don’t make your life ‘All-about-me’!
      Too much of anything at any given point of time is too hard to handle and try to tackle situations one at a time, maintaining your focus.

      This would be another post altogether! I hope you get the gist of what I’m trying to convey. I’m glad that you find my articles motivating.

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